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My Blog Design And WordPress Theme

As I wrote back in early August, I entered The Best WordPress Design of 2009 contest and I re-designed this blog during those days just in time when the contest […]

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You Don’t Have To Be a Web Designer to Build a Website

Do you know that a blog can be just like any other website? And do you know that you can create “normal” website with WordPress instead of “just blogs”? Yeah, […]

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Zemalf.com Gets New WP Theme and Design

My Shiny New Theme Design is Live! I’m trying new things, I’ve been working on my blog design on a local-hosted WordPress for quite some time. It’s been an interesting […]

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Automatic Image Compression with SmushIt for WordPress

I constantly re-evaluate the WordPress plugins I use to ensure that my blog is running smoothly and there are no resource-hogging plugins running. I covered this in my earlier post […]

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How To Add Google Custom Search to Your Blog

This post is a rework to my old Combine Google Custom Search with the Default WordPress Search -article where I combined Google Custom Search with WordPress Regular search results. I do […]

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Upgrade Your WordPress | Checklist

Updated for WordPress 2.8: Solutions for all your WP 2.8 problems. Read before upgrade: WordPress 2.8 Problems and Solutions (FAQ) at WordPress.org My WordPress 2.8 Upgrade Posts IntenseDebate Plugin Breaks […]

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WordPress Settings for Every Blog

7 things to do after installing a new WordPress blog. Apply these settings before you add your first post or do anything else.

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The 6 most essential WordPress plugins

The most essential plugins for any WordPress blog, that’s an interesting topic, isn’t it? Too often I see a list like 20+ must-have plugins or 17 plugins you can’t live […]

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