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Top 7 image optimization tips for SEO and site speed

With these image optimization tips, you will ensure the maximum search engine optimization for images and ensure the images load fast without losing the quality

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How to optimize images for web

Here’s how to optimize images for web, with quick and easy-to-use, free tools. Hint: Optimizing images for your blog is very simple, it can even be automatic.

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WordPress Speed: How fast is your blog?

Speeding up WordPress begins with analysis and data collection. Check how fast your WordPress blog is now and I’ll show you how you can make it load faster

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.htaccess rules for site speed optimization

Easy site speed optimization can be done with simple .htaccess rules. These rules make any website faster by compressing the data and using browser cache.

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Replacing “No comments” with “Leave a comment” in WordPress

Many WordPress themes display the number of  comments. The number of comments is a way to show which posts are popular and which are not. The number of comments show […]

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How to show number of comments in WordPress

If you’re looking to get more blog comments, you should display the number of comments in your blog to act as a social proof. You should also encourage and ask […]

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Most Popular Free WordPress Themes

High quality, free WordPress themes can be easily installed via WordPress Dashboard and/or downloaded from WordPress.org. Check the most popular WordPress themes at WordPress.org. Update 2013-01-30: Old, out of date […]

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The Ultimate WordPress Permalinks Guide

This post walks your through WordPress permalinks step-by-step and you’ll know exactly what kind of permalink structure to choose for your blog

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