WordPress Optimization

With the right settings, WordPress is optimized for both site speed and search engines. This means faster loading times and more search engine traffic. Here, I help you with getting those settings in place, whether you’re installing a new WordPress blog or optimizing an existing blog.

WordPress is a blogging and content management system that is highly customizable. With all the WordPress plugins and WP themes around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and fill a blog with crap it doesn’t need. This slows the blog down. And I don’t want that to happen to your blog.

With WordPress optimization, I help you super-charge your blog for speed and traffic, using the best practices and simple settings that boost your blog as long as it is online, and most of the time, you only set’em up once. If you’re not too comfortable with the technical things, don’t worry, I’ll walk you through all the steps. Plus you can me any questions in the comments or use the contact form to send me an email.

WordPress Speed: How fast is your blog?

Speeding up WordPress begins with analysis and data collection. Check how fast your WordPress blog is now and I’ll show you how you can make it load faster

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.htaccess rules for site speed optimization

Easy site speed optimization can be done with simple .htaccess rules. These rules make any website faster by compressing the data and using browser cache.

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The Ultimate WordPress Permalinks Guide

This post walks your through WordPress permalinks step-by-step and you’ll know exactly what kind of permalink structure to choose for your blog

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WordPress Settings for Every Blog

7 things to do after installing a new WordPress blog. Apply these settings before you add your first post or do anything else.

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Is Your WordPress Blog Super-Slow (Because of Plugins)?

When was the last time you (or your tech person) checked the list of plugins you use and think do you really need all those plugins? Are you using too […]

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