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LinkedIn is not Twitter is not LinkedIn

Twitter is relaxed, fun and free. LinkedIn is serious, professional and strictly business. This is the way many perceive these two – should you pay attention?

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Twitter mistakes: hit and run following

Can you spot hit and runner following spammers on Twitter? Stop autofollowing people on Twitter and don’t fall into trap of hit and run spammers do.

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Here’s a Quick Way to Get Twitter into Google Reader

Get notifications even when you don’t have Twitter open. To achieve that, we can do Twitter searches and then subscribe to the RSS feed of that search query, and get notifications on Google Reader whenever your name, businesses or websites are mentioned.

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Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Review: Good info for new users

This is a review of Beginner’s Guide to Twitter -eBook by Mike Cliffe-Jones (known as MikeCJ). I first got connected to Mike through blogging and a coaching course we both took. However, I’ve gotten to know Mike better through Twitter that just his blog, which goes on to show that Mike knows how to Twitter should be used and because of that, Mike is one of the “tweeps” whose tweets I pay close attention to. I’ve written my share of social media posts and articles lately, but I’ve concentrated on more detailed guides than an introductions to these tools, so I was happy when Mike offered me the opportunity to see what his guide is all about.

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How To Connect Your Social Media Profiles

How to integrate all the different social networking and bookmarking sites together and form a powerful automated posting system for your online activities.

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Build a Personal Brand You Can Be Proud Of

Social networking is not about sales, it’s not about self-promotion and sales. Yes, people are making money via social media marketing, but the reason these people are as successful as […]

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Are You Using Social Media Like You Should or Are You Social Notworking?

Social media is about socializing, sharing and relationships. Social notworking is doing this while you should be doing something productive, i.e. work. But if a part of your job is to use social network sites (e.g. bloggers, Internet marketers, etc.), you must do it the right way, or you are in a way, social notworking too

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7 Must-Use Social Networking Sites

Discover the 7 social networking sites everyone should (and is) using. Perfect starting point for a social networking newbie.

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