Get Things Done

Productivity means maximizing your efficiency in things you do. By taking massive action you get things done. Here I share my tips, tools and strategies on getting things done. Useful productivity tools, guides on how to use the tools, simple strategies that help you use your time more efficiently, etc.

A little known way to manage your email via sub-addressing

Learn how to manage your email more efficiently by using email sub-addressing via +tag qualifiers when subscribing to mailing lists or registering to new sites

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Do less

Focus on the stuff that matters the most. Do the things that you HAVE to do. Ignore everything else. Do less, create more.

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How to increase productivity by doing less

Personal productivity means focusing on the most important things. Increasing productivity means doing only those things better and in less time

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The real truth about personal productivity

Personal productivity is often confused with doing more, when actually, productivity means ignoring the unnecessary stuff and doing the right things.

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How To Avoid Information Overflow?

A month and a half ago, I wrote whether or not it’s good to be a jack of all trades or take more of a specialist approach to things you […]

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3 Ways To Use Google Reader Like a Pro

I’m a RSS Feed junkie. I read tons of feeds from various topics I’m interested in. For me, this is essential, as I like to keep up with the industry […]

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Quick Remote Working Tips

Whether you’re a blogger or work from home, you need to fine tune your remote working skills and use the right tools for the job. If your job requires certain tools, you of course need those, and with this article you can move your office online easily (which means you can work anywhere, even without your own computer).

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