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List of 140+ Blog Directories for Linkbuilding

A list of 140+ blog directories. Submitting to blog directories is one way to get backlinks. Do note that it can be a tedious process and not always worth it.

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Why Do You Blog?

If you’re not a blogger yet, and you are thinking about starting a blog, before you jump into the blogosphere and start delivering your best content to the public, consider […]

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100 Bloggers Survey

I created a survey at about blogging and bloggers. The survey results for 2009 are now in! Check the blogging survey results now.

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

This post is the second part of the Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Read the part 1: Keyword Research. You have done your Keyword Research, and now […]

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Keyword Research Tutorial

This post starts my two-part Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Discover the black magic of keyword research and search engine optimization and start driving traffic to your […]

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Top 5 Free Tools to Organize Your Ideas and Blog Posts

Keeping myself organized has not been my strong-point but I’m getting there, and I wanted to share the tools I use to control the chaos. I always have loads of […]

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How I Pushed My Blog from PageRank 0 to PR4 in 37 Days

Here’s my tale and a journey from no-blog to PageRank (PR) 0 blog and on to PR4 blog in 37 days. If you take out the slow beginning and other […]

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