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5 Things Yoda Can Teach You About Blogging

A Jedi Yoda is, thus a kick-ass blogger Yoda would be. Worry you not, the whole post in Yodish is not. But the Jedi Master Guide to Blogging, it still is.

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How To Find Good Keywords For Your Blog

Search engine optimization is a great way to drive spesific, targeted traffic to your blog. Keyword research is used to find good keywords to get that traffic and this post will show you how to do it. With these simple rules on this guide, you can decide what keywords and phrases you should use in your blog posts.

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Moved my gaming related posts back to blogspot

When I started with domain, I imported my old blogspot blogs to this domain. And now I’m importing them all back, or actually not importing at all, just removing […]

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How To Get Indexed by Google In 6 Hours or Less

Having problems getting indexed? What would it mean to you to get indexed by Google in 6 hours or less from now? Well – Here’s 11 easy steps to do just that

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Tagline – The 10 Words That Make or Break Your Blog

Blogs tagline should capture what the blog is in about 10 words. Great tagline becomes a slogan that you can use in the social media, in business cards and every […]

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How to Write an About page in 8 Simple Steps

Writing an About page is essential step when starting a blog, and bloggers should regularly update their About page and make sure it’s as good as it can. This post […]

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How to Increase Blog Traffic

To increase blog traffic, you have to make your blog visible where your potential readers are, so take yourself and your blog where the people are.

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Why Most Blogs Look Butt-Ugly!

No, I am not talking about the design.. Nor am I talking about the content that people are posting. I’m talking about all the crap people keep adding to their […]

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