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How to set up Google Analytics

Tracking website traffic, gathering statistics and analyzing them is very important part of any online activity, even if you’re just doing this for fun, but especially if you’re running an […]

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How to get more blog comments and discussion

On this post I will show 15 tips you can use to encourage discussion on your blog. The first step is to setup your blog in a way that it […]

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How to leave comments on a blog

If you are a blogger or enjoy reading blogs, there is chance you have noticed that there are comment section in most blogs. In blog comments, blog readers can leave […]

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Blog post buffer – Pre-writing and scheduling posts

Would you be interested in creating posts to your blog during the weekends and use weekdays for something else, or blog commenting and promotion instead of writing new blog posts? […]

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How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Discover how to write SEO friendly blog posts that will drive free traffic to your site for years to come – Simple guidelines you can easily apply to all blogs

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How to Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Blog SEO is about the foundation you need to gain good rankings in the search engines. Follow these instructions to easily make your site SEO friendly

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31DBBB Review: A must-have book for all bloggers

31DBBB gives clear step-by-step instructions on how to improve a blog and become a better blogger in 31 days. A must-have book for all bloggers. Rating: 4.5/5

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Web Site Traffic Analysis – Lessons for Blog Promotion

I published my blog stats and income report for the year 2009 the other day. I continued my web site traffic analysis based on traffic sources. I sorted my traffic […]

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