Blogging Tips

How to Build a Super Popular Warcraft Blog from Scratch

Matticus, a popular World of Warcraft blogger shares how to start blogging and how to buid a super popular World of Warcraft blog from scratch.

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4 Things to Do Before You Start a Blog

Do these 4 things before you start a blog: Choose an awesome design, start developing relationships with bloggers, plan your topics and remember your goals. This is a guest post by Nicholas Cardot.

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Advanced Blog Commenting Tricks

Use the advanced blog commenting tricks to build a personal brand, get links and traffic to your blog. This works particularly well when the blog is new.

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Why Blog Commenting Is So Important?

What’s the greatest thing about blogs? I’d have to say blog comments. Leaving comments on other people’s blogs is what makes blogging so special. It’s a great way to get […]

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5 Things Yoda Can Teach You About Blogging

A Jedi Yoda is, thus a kick-ass blogger Yoda would be. Worry you not, the whole post in Yodish is not. But the Jedi Master Guide to Blogging, it still is.

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Why Most Blogs Look Butt-Ugly!

No, I am not talking about the design.. Nor am I talking about the content that people are posting. I’m talking about all the crap people keep adding to their […]

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

This post is the second part of the Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Read the part 1: Keyword Research. You have done your Keyword Research, and now […]

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Keyword Research Tutorial

This post starts my two-part Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Discover the black magic of keyword research and search engine optimization and start driving traffic to your […]

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