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How to stop your blog comments from being blocked by Akismet

Is Akismet marking your comments as SPAM by mistake? I’ll show you what to do if Akismet catches your comments as spam, and how to ask Akismet Support to fix it

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Try to please everyone and you will please no-one

Don’t try to please everyone. If you do, you will please no-one. Focus, narrow-down and do less. With smaller audience, you get larger results.

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How to Bid For Writing Projects When You’re a Freelancer

Being a freelance writer can be awesome, but you need know how to bid for projects and get freelance writing jobs on a regular basis. Here are some tips for that. This is a guest post by Anna Miller.

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An introduction to Disqus blog commenting system

Disqus is an external blog commenting system, giving blogs a way to have a common commenting platform with features for both the blog readers and the bloggers

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20 Essential Drupal Modules

20 essential Drupal modules. Good choices for improving Drupal SEO, admin interface, managing internal mailing lists, easy contact forms and much more. This is a guest post by Tom Walker.

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4 Tips to Turn Your Blog into an Income Stream with Content

Content is one of the cornerstones of blogging. This guest post by Corry Cummings presents 4 tips for building an income stream by blogging and creating content. This is a guest post by Corry Cummings.

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Lazy blogging – the art of doing less

Summary: Lot of the things that go into blogging mean very little. Dropping those things is the key to lazy blogging – doing less by working smarter, not harder I’m […]

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Pre-writing challenge updates

Group of bloggers challenge themselves to create 2 weeks worth of blog posts, and getting them ready for publishing, on top of their normal posting schedule. Here are the updates […]

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