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How many “must-have” WordPress plugins can there be?

An essential WordPress plugin is a plugin that you must and want to install to each and every WordPress blog. In all honesty, the list should not be very long

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Most Popular Free WordPress Themes

High quality, free WordPress themes can be easily installed via WordPress Dashboard and/or downloaded from Check the most popular WordPress themes at Update 2013-01-30: Old, out of date […]

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42 Most Popular Blog Posts About Blogging 2009

2009 has been a great year for blogging. Established blogs got bigger and better, several new “blogs that blog about blogging” were started and thousands of great blog posts about […]

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7 Must-Use Social Networking Sites

Discover the 7 social networking sites everyone should (and is) using. Perfect starting point for a social networking newbie.

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Top 5 Free Tools to Organize Your Ideas and Blog Posts

Keeping myself organized has not been my strong-point but I’m getting there, and I wanted to share the tools I use to control the chaos. I always have loads of […]

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The 6 most essential WordPress plugins

The most essential plugins for any WordPress blog, that’s an interesting topic, isn’t it? Too often I see a list like 20+ must-have plugins or 17 plugins you can’t live […]

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