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What Everybody Ought to Know About Google Webmaster Tools

Learn how to get your site into the Google Webmaster Tools now, get your site indexed and ensure your site starts getting traffic from the search engines

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List of 140+ Blog Directories for Linkbuilding

A list of 140+ blog directories. Submitting to blog directories is one way to get backlinks. Do note that it can be a tedious process and not always worth it.

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

This post is the second part of the Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Read the part 1: Keyword Research. You have done your Keyword Research, and now […]

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How I Pushed My Blog from PageRank 0 to PR4 in 37 Days

Here’s my tale and a journey from no-blog to PageRank (PR) 0 blog and on to PR4 blog in 37 days. If you take out the slow beginning and other […]

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Bulk Edit Posts, Categories and Tags on Your WordPress Blog

Mass editing posts on WordPress can be very hard if you do it all manually and one-by-one, but fortunately built-in functionality in the WordPress and additional help from plugins will […]

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How To Add a XML Sitemap to WordPress Blog

XML sitemap will help search engines to find and index your WordPress blog and keep your indexed pages up to date. With a plugin this takes no effort

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