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Blogging as a Non-Native English Speaker

The native English-speakers have it easy online. English is the “universal” language on the Internet and those speaking other languages have to adapt. Many English natives take so many things […]

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Unfortunately, Nothing Happens

Last weekend was interesting times for us WordPress bloggers, because the old WordPress blogs were “under attack”. I read the post from Lorelle on WP and made a quick post […]

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You Don’t Have To Be a Web Designer to Build a Website

Do you know that a blog can be just like any other website? And do you know that you can create “normal” website with WordPress instead of “just blogs”? Yeah, […]

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7 Must-Use Social Networking Sites

Discover the 7 social networking sites everyone should (and is) using. Perfect starting point for a social networking newbie.

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Why Most Blogs Look Butt-Ugly!

No, I am not talking about the design.. Nor am I talking about the content that people are posting. I’m talking about all the crap people keep adding to their […]

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Top 5 Free Tools to Organize Your Ideas and Blog Posts

Keeping myself organized has not been my strong-point but I’m getting there, and I wanted to share the tools I use to control the chaos. I always have loads of […]

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The 6 most essential WordPress plugins

The most essential plugins for any WordPress blog, that’s an interesting topic, isn’t it? Too often I see a list like 20+ must-have plugins or 17 plugins you can’t live […]

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Why I Have a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

When you want to start blog, one of the first things you must decide is where you want to place your blog. Do you start a blog at free blogging […]

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