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Do less

Focus on the stuff that matters the most. Do the things that you HAVE to do. Ignore everything else. Do less, create more.

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Learning How to Build Your Own Website Teaches You More Than Just That!

Part of building an Internet business is learning how to do it. This guest post highlights the importance of knowing your own learning style. This is a guest post by Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko.

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How to Take Your Blogging to the Next Level

Blogging is simple. You start a blog. You write a blog post. You publish the post and spread the word, promote your post. People come and read your blog post. […]

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Blogging as a Non-Native English Speaker

The native English-speakers have it easy online. English is the “universal” language on the Internet and those speaking other languages have to adapt. Many English natives take so many things […]

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Build a Personal Brand You Can Be Proud Of

Social networking is not about sales, it’s not about self-promotion and sales. Yes, people are making money via social media marketing, but the reason these people are as successful as […]

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