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Optimized Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code

Use Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code to speed up your site. Use this optimized, minified and compressed async analytics snippet for maximum impact

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How to set up Google Analytics

Tracking website traffic, gathering statistics and analyzing them is very important part of any online activity, even if you’re just doing this for fun, but especially if you’re running an […]

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Web Site Traffic Analysis – Lessons for Blog Promotion

I published my blog stats and income report for the year 2009 the other day. I continued my web site traffic analysis based on traffic sources. I sorted my traffic […]

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Track Outgoing Links with Google Analytics

Most blogs have outgoing links which the readers click to go to the resources you’ve recommended or linked for other reason. With Google Analytics you can track those outgoing links […]

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Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Blog

It is very important that you track how many visitors your blog has, what pages the readers view, how long they stay on your site, etc. All these statistics and […]

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