Why Most Blogs Look Butt-Ugly!

No, I am not talking about the design.. Nor am I talking about the content that people are posting. I’m talking about all the crap people keep adding to their […]

Automatic Image Compression with SmushIt for WordPress

I constantly re-evaluate the WordPress plugins I use to ensure that my blog is running smoothly and there are no resource-hogging plugins running. I covered this in my earlier post […]

In the Spotlight: Zemalf, a Blogger

Sometimes the best way to get your ideas together is talking to yourself. Who else knows exactly what you want, need and should do – and what you mean when […]

List of 140+ Blog Directories for Linkbuilding

A list of 140+ blog directories. Submitting to blog directories is one way to get backlinks. Do note that it can be a tedious process and not always worth it.

Why Do You Blog?

If you’re not a blogger yet, and you are thinking about starting a blog, before you jump into the blogosphere and start delivering your best content to the public, consider […]

100 Bloggers Survey

I created a survey at SurveyMonkey.com about blogging and bloggers. The survey results for 2009 are now in! Check the blogging survey results now.

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

This post is the second part of the Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Read the part 1: Keyword Research. You have done your Keyword Research, and now […]

Keyword Research Tutorial

This post starts my two-part Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization tutorial series. Discover the black magic of keyword research and search engine optimization and start driving traffic to your […]