Two Types Of Writer’s Block And How To Get Over Them

This is a guest post by the “World’s Strongest Librarian”, Josh Hanagarne. I’ve been following Josh’s blog since the beginning and it’s been one great ride. His latest endeavour is […]

Unfortunately, Nothing Happens

Last weekend was interesting times for us WordPress bloggers, because the old WordPress blogs were “under attack”. I read the post from Lorelle on WP and made a quick post […]

5 Things Yoda Can Teach You About Blogging

A Jedi Yoda is, thus a kick-ass blogger Yoda would be. Worry you not, the whole post in Yodish is not. But the Jedi Master Guide to Blogging, it still is.

How To Find Good Keywords For Your Blog

Search engine optimization is a great way to drive spesific, targeted traffic to your blog. Keyword research is used to find good keywords to get that traffic and this post will show you how to do it. With these simple rules on this guide, you can decide what keywords and phrases you should use in your blog posts.

Build a Personal Brand You Can Be Proud Of

Social networking is not about sales, it’s not about self-promotion and sales. Yes, people are making money via social media marketing, but the reason these people are as successful as […]

Are You Using Social Media Like You Should or Are You Social Notworking?

Social media is about socializing, sharing and relationships. Social notworking is doing this while you should be doing something productive, i.e. work. But if a part of your job is to use social network sites (e.g. bloggers, Internet marketers, etc.), you must do it the right way, or you are in a way, social notworking too

Moved my gaming related posts back to blogspot

When I started with domain, I imported my old blogspot blogs to this domain. And now I’m importing them all back, or actually not importing at all, just removing […]

How To Get Indexed by Google In 6 Hours or Less

Having problems getting indexed? What would it mean to you to get indexed by Google in 6 hours or less from now? Well – Here’s 11 easy steps to do just that