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Track Outgoing Links with Google Analytics

Most blogs have outgoing links which the readers click to go to the resources you’ve recommended or linked for other reason. With Google Analytics you can track those outgoing links […]

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Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Blog

It is very important that you track how many visitors your blog has, what pages the readers view, how long they stay on your site, etc. All these statistics and […]

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How To Add a XML Sitemap to WordPress Blog

XML sitemap will help search engines to find and index your WordPress blog and keep your indexed pages up to date. With a plugin this takes no effort

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How To Manage Ads and Track Clickthroughs with AdRotate Plugin in Your WordPress Blog

Managing your advertising, affiliate links and banners can be load of work if you do too much manually. You should set tracking of links, track the number of times the […]

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Posting Source Code on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Getting source code to display correctly in your blog can be a pain. I tried and tried to work with the <code> tags, but occasionally the visible code wasn’t ok […]

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How To Combine Google Custom Search and AdSense with the Default WordPress Search

Google Custom search is a powerful tool to give your readers a chance to search for content from your blog, web or whatever sites you define for the search. WordPress […]

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Experimenting Different WordPress Plugins

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Transmuting blogging, SEO and Internet marketing

I’m writing about things I do to help others. This blog documents my experiments in the world of blogging, SEO and Internet marketing to the detail. I started this blog […]

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