Comment Policy

I have zero spam policy and any comment and commenter who doesn't follow these simple rules, will have the comment both deleted and marked as spam. I enjoy and encourage good discussion on my blog and I created this comment policy with that in mind.

There is one rule I follow and I expect anyone reading and using this blog to follow as well:

Be Excellent to Each Other

If you're spamming and otherwise misusing the blog comments, you are not excellent to me or anyone else. And that's not cool.

We're gonna be like little Fonzies here. And what's Fonzie like? Cool.

Correctamundo, and that's how we roll here -- cool.

It is OK to be critical, but if you are rude, spam or otherwise misuse the blog comments, I'll delete your comment. Please DO NOT put your URL in the comment text unless it adds to the original post and your comment.

You know what else is cool?

Using Your Real Name

  • Please use your PERSONAL name, initials or nickname.
  • Don't use just your business name, keywords or anything like that, as that comes off like spam.

To clarify,

  • using "name@website" is fine,
    • e.g. "", "Antti Kokkonen -" and similar.
  • Using just the website name is not,
    • e.g. just "", (unless you connect via Twitter/Yahoo or such with a nickname).
  • "name@keywords" is OK too.
  • As long as you have your name there, it's cool.

Cool names when leaving blog comments:

  • Bob
  • Bob@Bobs Building Blocks

Not cool:

  • Building Blocks


All comments on this blog are moderated through an anti-spam plug-in and possibly manually as well. As such, I can’t guarantee that your comment will get through, I am sorry if I delete it by mistake or the anti-spam systems and plugins mistakenly thinks it is spam.

It is possible that a comment goes to the "spam queue" by mistake, and I will do my best to retrieve the legitimate comments are approved from the queue, but it might take some time before the queue is checked.

All this happens, because I hate spam and I try to stop spam comments making it to this blog, but some of them always make it through. I try to delete them as soon as I see them or someone tells me about them.

I reserve the right to delete any comments for any reason if I deem them inappropriate. If you are concerned that your comment was deleted, it probably wasn’t done intentionally and the deletion was most likely by a script or automated maintenance. It is possible that your comment is still retrievable if you provide the needed information about the original comment.

Clear enough?

All spam will be both deleted and marked as spam through service like Akismet, your reputation as a spammer will spread to all websites and blogs using the same service.

Rules. One More Time

  • Be excellent to each other
    • Keep it cool
  • Being critical is OK, just don't be rude
    • Think Fonzie
  • Use your personal name, initials or nickname
    • Keywords in the name are OK, as long as you add your name, e.g. name@keywords
    • Using your web site name is fine, as long as you add your name, e.g.
    • If you want to be truly awesome, use your full real name when leaving comments.
  • Adding your URL in the comment text without a good reason is not OK

In case you have questions, mail me via the contact form.

Comment rules inspired by the movie Pulp Fiction and Tim Ferriss' blog.