Antti KokkonenMy name is Antti Kokkonen+, online I'm also known by my gamertag, Zemalf.

This website, zemalf.com, is my training field when it comes to WordPress and online publishing. It's my web lab and a place to share my experiences to help others. I live in Finland. I'm a blogger, and the Master Chief of Zemalf.com.

I'm an IT expert and consultant by profession, gaming geek for life. I help businesses to easily manage, find and track their documents and business processes using M-Files Document and Enterprise Content Management Solutions. When not crafting content management solutions, I create slow-paced, occasionally thoughtful let's play videos on YouTube as a hobby.

Before M-Files, I worked in the IT and telecommunications industry, mostly involved with small- and large-scale agile software development, continuous integration and software configuration management. My love for learning and knowledge, mixed in with geeky obsession into all things tech, has turned me into a jack of all trades when it comes to computers, the Internet and technology in general.

Outside the "9-5 job" and the gaming videos, I explore (and know quite a lot about) things like blogging, WordPress, social media (think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and online video, and continue learning and paying it forward every day.

More About Me

I have Master's Degree in Interactive Technology / Computer Science and I've been working in the IT and Telecommunications industry since 2002. I've been active online since the late 80's, before the birth of the "WWW", and meddling with computers since the age of 7. I'm a geek and a technology enthusiast.

As mentioned, I am from Finland, currently living in a city called Järvenpää in Southern Finland (about 40 kilometers from Helsinki). In addition to computers, gaming and technology, I enjoy watching TV and reading (both fiction and non-fiction). When I have the chance, I go fishing.

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