List of 140+ Blog Directories for Linkbuilding

A list of 140+ blog directories. Submitting to blog directories is one way to get backlinks. Do note that it can be a tedious process and not always worth it.

Here is a list of blog directories, sorted based on PageRank. High PageRank does not automatically mean that one blog directory is better than the other, but for certain SEO activities, PageRank of the blog directory is quite important, so I hope you find this list useful, all 140+ of them..

Also note that these are front page PageRanks. Individual categories are most likely lower PageRank, 1-2 PR lower on average. It is possible that category/topic listing has higher PR, based on what kind of reciprocal link strategy the directory uses (to front page or to sub-directory).

Some of these blog directories are highly targeted, to a specific niche, country or such, so take a look what the directory is about before submitting. And not all are necessary on English either, so consider if your blog is good for that directory or not.

Disclaimer: PageRank of a page is subject to change, the PR of these blog directories might be higher or lower than the one listed. It is possible that some of the services are not available anymore when you read this, as some of these are relatively short-lived (higher the ranking, less likely it is that they go out). There might or might not be paid (non-free) services on the list that I didn't notice, I didn't check all the services to that extent, as I haven't submitted to all of these myself.

Some shady people have created directories to build links and ranking, and then change the subject and/or use the domain for non-directory purpose or just sell the domain for big bucks, because it's readily ranked and linked. If a blog directory link redirects you to some other service, this is what has happened, they (or the domain seller) have built their PageRank with blog directory and then use that to leverage their business.

Blog Directories Based on Front Page PageRank

Here's the current PageRank based listing of blog directories, happy submissions :)

You can find more lists of blog directories and feed / rss submission service lists in my Resources -page.

Most links take you directly to submit/add your blog -page, and it is possible that the submit-page has PR lower than the front page. You might also want to check the PR of the most suitable category before submission if you want.

Paid = submission (or featured link) must be purchased (either one time, or also to maintain). Reciprocal = link is free, but you must link back.


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Directories of Blog Directories

These are the best resources to look for the right directories for you, and they list way more (web) directories than I put on this post.

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