100 Bloggers Survey

I created a survey at SurveyMonkey.com about blogging and bloggers.

The survey results for 2009 are now in! Check the blogging survey results now.

The blogging survey results have already been posted. Here is the original invitation to the survey:

I invite all BLOGGERS to take this survey and help to provide interesting statistics and data for us all.

Take the 100 Bloggers Survey Now

Taking the survey shouldn't take you more than 5-10 minutes (if that), and your contribution would be most appreciated.

What is 100 Bloggers Survey?

When the survey gets 100 answers, the survey will close itself, and I will present results here in my blog. In case the survey doesn't get 100 answers in reasonable time, I will consider if there are enough answers to make the survey statistically significant and decide if the results can still be presented.

The 100 Bloggers Survey is totally voluntary, free and for educational and information purposes only. The survey itself doesn't collect your email address, name or anything like that, so answering the survey is anonymous.

Take the 100 Bloggers Survey Now

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