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Updated for WordPress 2.8: Solutions for all your WP 2.8 problems.

Read before upgrade: WordPress 2.8 Problems and Solutions (FAQ) at WordPress.org

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Before You Upgrade WordPress Version 2.8

WordPress Upgrade Checklist:

  • You did backup everything already, right?
  • Upgrade all plugins (especially if plugin has been updated for the new version)
  • Deactivate all plugins
  • Do the Upgrade
  • Reactivate the plugins, starting from The Most Essential WordPress plugins
  • Check that everything is working OK, on both your blog and admin side
  • Things to look for
    • Check that you can re-arrange and move the widgets
    • Is everything working in the Add New Post window alright? (try preview, most used tags, etc.)
  • If something seems to wrong, deactivate the plugin you activated last and check again, repeat until you've cleared all plugins
  • WP Upgrade is a good chance to clean your plugins, so only activate the ones you really need

If you have additional checks for the checklist or any questions, leave your thoughts on the comments..

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