How I Made One Dollar and 88 Cents ($1.88) With Google AdSense!

They say that you shouldn't write about making money online if you're not making any money online. I say, shut it. I'm writing about making money if I feel like writing and sharing my experiences.

You know, the first rule of Fight Blog Club, you DO write about blogging and making money and the second rule, you DO WRITE even more.

So here's the thing, most bloggers don't make any money from their blogs. I'm not one of those bloggers, because I have made 1 dollar 88 cents from Google AdSense during the 4 or so years I've been blogging.  And I haven't even tried, and still I made money, it's quite amazing if you ask me. As a clarification, that's $1.88 all time! It's not like I have monthly income here yet.. All this was more and less when I had my blog(s) at blogspot.

my all time google adsense earnings up to end of may 2009 300x18 How I Made One Dollar and 88 Cents ($1.88) With Google AdSense!

This is my all time Google AdSense earnings up to the end of May 2009. One Dollar and 88 cents.

That's one hundred million percent more than those bloggers are making who make none! It's all about positivity and working hard, so I'm planning to double my earnings during this summer, wish me luck!

Here comes the revelation, I'm 100% sure you can do this too.

How I Made One Dollar and 88 Cents ($1.88) With Google AdSense!

  1. I wrote posts to my blog
  2. I created Google AdSense Account
  3. I generated Google AdSense ad code
  4. I placed the AdSense code to my blog
  5. Repeated couple of times for different placements on my blog

That's quite easy isn't it? Check out my quick and easy guide if you need additional info: How To Get Google AdSense and Display Ads on Your WordPress Blog.

I bet you can do that too and I think you're gonna love it! Getting paid for doing what you do anyway is like the best thing in the world. But I hope you do hell of a lot better than I do. You know, more than one dollar...

But you and I have a starting point right there. I think I gotta be reading some of these (you can too if you like):

How are you doing? Better than me? Not getting much? Have any plans on making more? Please tell me too.

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