How To Add Feedburner RSS Feed to the Sociable Plugin

I admit it, I'm a junkie for quality plugins and I'm testing all kinds of plugins to see if I could make something out of it. And in the end I keep the best and go with that.

I've been especially fond of the plugins found at the by Joost de Valk. The plugins are super quality and do exactly what they are meant to do and they do it efficiently. With that said, for Social Bookmarking, I use the Sociable -plugin (also from Yoast), which does a great job at adding those little social network and other useful icons (like "make a pdf", "email" or "print") at the end of the post and is very versatile and configurable.

In the recent update of the plugin, "RSS" was added to the available sites list, but that used the default feed of the WordPress. As I use feedburner to manage my feeds, I wanted the RSS link to take the reader to feedburner feed, so I edited the sociable.php and added the site - if you want to do the same, I'll show how you can do the same (it's quite easy, if you just dare to go and edit the sociable.php)

How To Add Feedburner RSS Feed to the Sociable Plugin

  1. Update to the latest version of Sociable before you edit anything.
  2. Go to /wp-content/plugins/sociable -directory.
  3. Open sociable.php.
  4. Find the array called $sociable_known_sites.
  5. Copy / Paste the code from 'RSS' (use find in the editor).
  6. To keep the list alphapetical, find a spot for your code (I used "Subscribe to my RSS Feed", so after StumbleUpon was correct place for me).
  7. Replace (in the new, pasted code) 'RSS' with 'Subscribe to my RSS Feed' (the name will show up as tooltip for the new icon, so you might want to go for similar).
  8. Change the value of url to the submit URL for your Feedburner Feed.
  9. Leave the favicon as it is, unless you want to replace it with something (for me RSS standard icon was ok).
  10. Save the file.
  11. Go to the Sociable plugin settings and click the checkbox for the new "site" you just added.
  12. Save Settings.
  13. Done!

When editing, make sure you don't leave the commas out, as you are editing an array there.

To give example, the code I added to sociable.php was like this (copied from the 'RSS' line and edited the name and the 'url':

'Subscribe to my RSS Feed' => Array(
'favicon' => 'rss.png',
'url' => '',

When updating Sociable, your addition might go missing, so remember to check if and when you update to a new plugin version.

For adding any site you want to Sociable, use the similar method, or check further instructions from Yoast and Sociable - Sociable Bookmarking for WordPress -homepage.

If you are interested in more great plugins and how to utilize them to the max, check my earlier posts about Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Blog using Google Analytics for WordPress -plugin and how it is utilized when you want to Track Outgoing Links with Google Analytics.

At the end of this post you see the "Share and Enjoy" social network icons, along with the "pdf", "pring" and the new "Subscribe to my RSS Feed" icons by the Sociable plugin (taking that the plugin is still active when you read this).

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