Achieve nothing – Little advice for getting nowhere

Summary: If you are not careful, you might accomplish something. To avoid that and achieve nothing, you need to sharpen the skills for getting nowhere.

I hope my guide to increase productivity didn't help you in any way. If you actually do something, there is a great danger that you move closer to your goals. Just think how horrible it would be if your dreams would come true?

To guarantee that you achieve nothing and get nowhere, you need to be good at making excuses. I crafted this little post to help you with that, since making excuses and procrastination is not always easy.


You have a dream. You are looking to be successful. You want to be recognized as the very best at what you do. The dream is something you want to achieve. A goal.

There are people you admire, who you look up to. Those people have achieved what you dream of....

  • But those people are much smarter than you are
  • And they have gotten lucky too
  • Plus they got where they are because they were there first
  • So it's too late for you to do anything

But let's forget them for a while.

What is really stopping you from achieving ANYTHING you want?


There are no boundaries. You can achieve anything you want.

There is nothing stopping you from getting where you want to be.

Not true.


There is one thing stopping you from getting anywhere. The secret to achieving nothing.

  • This one thing will force you to stay exactly where you are.
  • This one thing will shackle you and prevent you from moving.
  • You are guaranteed to achieve nothing with this one

It will affect EVERYTHING you do.

You are doomed to FAILURE.


You have the amazing power to postpone everything you should be doing. You can generate endless amount of EXCUSES to not do something that would take you somewhere you want.

  • I could, if...
  • I should, but...
  • I might, but first...
  • I'm not sure...

You do this, because you are AFRAID. Afraid of change. You know where you are now and you do everything you can to stay there. No matter how big a MISERY you are now, you LOVE to stay where you are.

You are certain it will get WORSE, if you do something. Why waste your time and effort because it will only get worse and you will get nowhere.

Yes, it is much better to

  • do nothing,
  • achieve nothing and
  • get nowhere.

Change is bad.


There is a barrier is what separates you from what you want to achieve. Barrier of fear, uncertainty and every excuse you can come up with. Stepping over that barrier is what separates you from the person who has already achieved what you want to achieve.


The barrier is called procrastination. The barrier IS procrastination.

If you get very good at procrastination, and master the ability to make up excuses, you are guaranteed to achieve nothing, just like I promised at the beginning of the post.

Don't worry. It's very easy.

I'm very good at it. I've turned not doing and not taking action into an art. I write blog posts about lazy blogging and whine about stupid **** to enforce my infinite ability to not take action. And I am sure I would fail anyway. Why bother?


Others have already done it, I can't do it anymore. If only I would have not wasted all that time and started 3/5/10 years ago.

Those were the days. I came up with marvellous excuses back then too. I could have done a thousands things by now, but I managed to stop myself from doing any of that. And since I've already wasted this much time, I certainly can't do anything anymore.


It is good that I procrastinated back then. If I had started then I could not be looking back now, wishing I had done something then. Just like what I'm not doing now, I can look back 5 years from now and say:

"Man, I wish I had started back then... look at all the things I could have now."

If I start something now, do and work, I won't be able to look back to this point in life and wallow in self-pity for all the wasted opportunities.

Who am I to take away the chance for self-pity from my future self?

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