Twitter mistakes: hit and run following

Here's how you hit and run on Twitter:

  • Follow someone
  • Wait for a day or two for that person to follow back
  • Unfollow everyone who didn't follow back
  • (in some cases, unfollow even those that did follow back)
  • Add automation tools to make this work while you sleep

If you use Twitter (or any other social network site) like this, you are the lowest scum the interwebz has ever known. A spammer.

Here's what hit and run looks like on your follower stats

Here's what's been going on with my Twitter followers during the last week (I'm guessing I made the mistake of following someone who has tons of spam-followers doing this **** - and I have a hunch who it was):

Twitter mistake: hit and run following

Twitter Hit and Run Following: People follow you, wait for a day or two if you follow back and then unfollow you (they might unfollow you even if you do follow back)

Hit and running morons

There are thousands of a-holes who do this, especially in the "Internet marketing space" (which is sad, as it's a plague that feeds itself). I now have a growing list of over 500 of these spamming morons (because I use Twitter automation tools the right way, like getting email notifications of new followers and those that unfollowed me).

If YOU do this, get the *** out of my blog. Stop using Twitter now. Hell, get the **** out of Internet. Don't waste the time of good and honest people with your ****. You will FAIL at life, end up in debt, hopefully in jail, and die unhappy because you have no idea what really matters.

Do you know what's worse?

Those people have had some  "guru" tell them to do this. Telling them that this is the way to go if they want to make money online. They have probably paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for this top-notch Internet marketing stuff.

They think the only way to make money online is to talk about making money online and they copy the methods of this "guru", perhaps even waste money on PLR product that the guru wisely put out there on how to make money from Twitter by shenanigans like hit and run following.

There are hundreds of automatic cash system and get rich without working -products that tell people to do this (and similar automatic content and traffic generating stuff). Thousands and thousands of people look into them as the next big thing, the silver bullet to success and waste their valuable time and money trying to make it.

The ever-growing plague is fed by everyone who promotes automation tools and services that enable shady tactics and not educate their followers how to use them right. Automation is awesome, but using that power for stupid **** like this is just wrong.

Uphill battle

Twitter is a tool for interactions and communication, sharing things you do with others, discuss and all that good stuff. You know, that's why they call it social - there are real people you can communicate with, not robot spammers.

These hit-and-running moth******ers have no idea how to do business and Internet marketing properly, here's how to avoid them:

  • do not autofollow everyone
  • wait for at least a week before you follow someone back if you insist on reciprocal following
  • if they unfollow you during that week, you know they are spamming ****ers
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