Lazy blogging – the art of doing less

Summary: Lot of the things that go into blogging mean very little. Dropping those things is the key to lazy blogging - doing less by working smarter, not harder

I'm lazy. And publishing a new blog post 2-5 times a week, let alone every day, is a lot of work. These two things don't match very well. Blogging, as it's traditionally seen, is not good for lazy people.

But happily, I found and created a solution for myself: Lazy Man's Guide to Blogging - achieving more by doing less. Or if I'm honest, doing less, probably achieving less too. OK, OK... doing less is the key there, your results and mileage may wary.

Less posts, more content

When I started blogging, I didn't want to create another job for myself. But that's how it feels occasionally, since active blogging is doing something (nearly) every day on your blog. It might be just couple of hours, but it's still couple of hours of work. For me - that stops now.

I no longer feel the need to publish a blog post every other day, once a day or even once a week. I will not publish empty shells on this blog just to "keep the blog fresh". I will write posts I really want to write, not posts I have to write. I'd much rather put out one article that really makes a difference than ten that live a day and then die.

I don't always feel like writing and working on my blog. If I don't feel like writing anything, I really don't want to write - and I don't. And you can do the same - writing, crafting and publishing blog posts just because you think you have to publish something can stop now.

Do not do things, just because you must do them. Do them because you want to. Do them because they bring in positive results. This goes for writing blogs posts and all the other work you do on your blog.

Most of the things you do mean nothing

If you can't figure out why you are doing something, and verify it is worth the effort, don't do it. That's the **** people do. Call it the 80/20 principle or whatnot, but it's time to cut the fat from what you do NOW. It's time for me, and you, to look at what we're doing, and stop doing things that don't result in something good.

If you're making a living from your blog, your blog posts have a bigger purpose. Your blog posts feed you and your family. If writing one more post every day brings more money, makes you happier and keeps your business running, then you should do that. BUT think if there's something else you could be doing instead, don't do something just because you've done it for the last year or two - think carefully what matters the most.

If writing a blog post every day makes you happy, do it. If writing a blog post every hour makes you happier, do it. BUT do not write on your blog just because someone said you should write every day, or even every week. Each and every of your blog posts should have a purpose.

Each and every thing you do should make a difference. If doing something achieves nothing, why do it? Stop doing things that mean nothing. And if you're not sure of the results of doing something, stop that too.

Do only what matters the most

I am no longer doing ten things. I'm doing one, and I'm doing it really well. I'm putting my everything to that one thing, and I will stop wasting my time on the 9 other things, whatever they are. I will no longer write 10 blog posts just because I have to, I write one because I want to instead (or I don't even write that, and that's OK too).

For me, this means focusing my time on the things I do, and enjoy the time I save. It means planning things and making strategic moves instead of running headlong to the nearest wall and occasionally break through. It means working smarter, not harder.

Warning. Do not fill the time you save by not doing stupid **** with more stupid ****. That's stupid. Instead - enjoy the free time. Enjoy life, procrastinate a bit!

Do less, create more

Doing less is awesome way of working and living. I recommend that you try it. If you don't feel like doing anything, don't. Just don't fall into apathy :) This lazy blogging concept is my way of avoiding that apathy, giving a name to my procrastination.

So for your own sake, don't listen to me. Get away from here before it's too late. And do some stuff. Maybe you are like that, you like to do stuff, a lot of stuff, I am like that sometimes.

Sometimes you feel like doing more, and that's OK, these things come and go in phases, at least for me. If you're really smart, you can make the most out the time you feel like doing more by preparing for the time you want to do less.


Hmm - I gotta work on this concept of lazy blogging a bit, I kinda like how this turned out, but right now I'm too lazy to polish it :)

Waste some time and leave a comment, OK? It's not like you have anything better and more useful to do anyway...

Tell me, what will happen if you don't write for your blog today? Or you don't write to it this week?

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