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There are two ways to go about making money online. There is taking. And there is giving. When we look around we realize that both ways work, but perhaps one way is better than the other...

There are many ways to do marketing, Internet business and even blogging. For me, some ways resonate a lot more than the others. And I've noticed I respond to certain kind of marketing a lot better than I do for something else. So perhaps there's something to learn here.


Do you write blog posts only to get people to your blog and maybe down the line, buy some of your stuff. Or things you promote products of others via affiliate marketing?

Are you hoarding Twitter followers by mass-following people you don't know and hoping they follow you back? Are you trying to get a lot of followers so you could get money from sponsored Tweets? Or drive people to your blog to buy your stuff?

Are you linking and endorsing certain product because their affiliate product pays better (or because they have an affiliate program in the first place and the other company/product doesn't)? Are you aware of free alternatives to the paid products you promote, but refuse linking to them to keep people paying you?

Do you send emails to your list ONLY to make money? Is every mail you send an affiliate product to a product you never even tried yourself, but it does pay a fat commission? Or maybe you actually promote products that are good, but that's all you do.

You do Internet marketing because you want to make money. You want to take their money. You want my money. You're a taker. And I don't like you very much.

Don't get me wrong, it's OK to pursue the entrepreneurial dream. It's OK to make money, but the paradigm shift is here, the way you're selling is changing. Or if you're not changing, you should.


When was the last time you gave something without expecting anything in return? When was the last time you helped someone? Could you be an unconventional giver?

When was the last time you added something to your blog, or send to your email list, that didn't sell anything. Even indirectly?

And no, sending out free giveaways of an affiliate product does not count...

You know - just give.

Have you sent an honest tip, link or suggestion to your email list or made a post to your blog sending people to a great source of information, just because you think that way? Without affiliate link, or expecting that person to "share the love" and link back?

Do you understand how much TRUST you build doing that?


How about asking your subscribers what they need help with? Or what do they want to know? Or maybe look into other blogs, Twitter, other social networking sites and search for what people are struggling with...

And then help them, write blog posts, eBooks, make videos and answer their emails. Just help. Give it away for free. No follow-up post the next day to buy your shit. No up-sell one time offer, or even an email opt-in.

Maybe, just maybe you could feel great for doing just that. Wouldn't that be an awesome way to build your personal brand?

Wouldn't it be great if people, when you finally have something for sell, would come and say that they would love to buy and support you for all that you've done for them before?

...Will Set You Free

You have given stuff away for free. You've helped people without expecting anything in return. But now you decided it is time to start selling your own product or service...

Some would say, why you are NOW asking for money? Why are you not giving it to us for free like you used to do? But most will understand, and you keep the trust you've built through power of free, and some will buy.

But you don't stop there. You will continue, you'll continue giving away free stuff, helping people, healing the world. And you'll keep growing your business, selling more while at it. Helping even more people.

You are very honest about it, you're trying to make a living, just like the guy or gal next to you. And you can be very honest that you're in it to make money, get rich even, but deep down you know that you are in it to help.

And that, my friend, makes you truly awesome.

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