Achievement: Second Place on Famous Bloggers Club Contest

Guest posting is a great way to get exposure outside your own blog, but what's better than getting a guest post published? Well, it might be a lot of things, but one thing that came to my mind is getting a guest post published on a blog article competition, with a chance to get even more exposure and possibly win some cool prizes too. This post was originally part of the entry process for the contest, and now I updated it with the results.

I entered this contest with an SEO article and in the end my post was awarded the "silver medal" in the contest, the 2nd place, which was a great honor, as the competition was touch. As the winners were decided based on reader feedback in form of re-tweets, blog comments and votes at, I own the thank to all of you who supported me and my post on the contest!

The Famous Bloggers Club hosted a blog article competition, a Famous Bloggers Contest. The contest was named Best of the Best and the participants were to write and submit their contest articles to the their blog.
Famous Bloggers Contest
The articles were given points based on the votes at BlogEngage,  re-tweets and comments on the published post.

The contest was sponsored by these individuals and businesses:

The prizes included cash prizes, WordPress themes, advertisement spots on different blogs, etc. The value of the prizes in the contest exceeded $1200 already.

I'm entered the competition and this post was a part of the entry process and a chance for me to inform you about the upcoming guest post beforehand. (and now that the contest is finished, tell about the results)

I encourage all of you bloggers to enter this kind of competitions as well if you get the chance, it's a great opportunity to get a guest post published and as a bonus, there's possibility to win some cool prizes.

Guest Posting with Benefits

Guest posting alone is a great way to get exposure outside your own blog and contests like this are even better. You'll get a little extra exposure because there are other bloggers involved and you get a chance to get connected with new bloggers you might now otherwise engage with.

And of course, there are great prizes on the competitions, like free themes, advertising spots for a month, etc. - so it's like writing a guest post but with extra benefits. For me, this competition was not so much about the prizes, but the chance to participate in the fun and give back to the blogosphere, and also get some extra exposure for my own blog, just like with "normal" guest posts.

Here's the link to my guest post for the contest:

13 Essential On-Page SEO Tips for Blogs

To find out more about the contest (now closed), check the Famous Bloggers Contest page.

2nd Place on Famous Bloggers Club Contest

My guest post was awarded the 2nd place in the contest! Check the Famous Bloggers Club Contest 2010 results to see the other winners. Thank you for everyone for great support on the contest, for the re-tweets, comments on the post and votes at

I feel honored to get such a recognizition and as this is the first award/honor to, it feels even greater. The silver podium was a great ending for the year 2009, but I feel it's just a starting point. I'm working on to make 2010 a great year and I will put even more effort on writing more quality articles.

Once more, thank you and here's to all of you and I wish you the ultimate success on 2010 and beyond!

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