42 Most Popular Blog Posts About Blogging 2009

42 Most Popular Blog Posts About Blogging 2009

2009 has been a great year for blogging. Established blogs got bigger and better, several new "blogs that blog about blogging" were started and thousands of great blog posts about blogging were published (and there's still plenty of time to publish even more). This post lists the 42 most popular and viral blog posts about blogging that were published on 2009.

These posts have received several thousands of blog comments and re-tweets. These posts have been bookmarked and dugg by thousands of bloggers around the world. The posts on the list have been picked from Digg, Delicious, Twitter and other social networks, based on the number of "votes" the posts have received in those services.

Very large, popular sites (like Lifehacker) get more exposure in Digg and Twitter, so to balance the list, I went through the most popular blogs about blogging and picked up the posts with most comments and included some personal preference into the list as well. But without any further ado, let me present you the 42 most popular blog posts about blogging 2009!

Blogs and Blogosphere

  • 50 Most Influential Bloggers of 2009 by Michael Dunlop (Income Diary)
    • 1100+ re-tweets, over 300 bookmarks on Delicious. Just a few Diggs thou.
  • State of the Blogosphere 2009 (Technorati)
    • The annual survey from Technorati showed that bloggers are making more money than ever (and there was much rejoicing) and that social media has become very important medium for bloggers for both promotion and collaboration.
    • 250+ re-tweets on the introduction page alone. Hundreds of Delicious bookmarks spread over the different parts of the report.
  • PCmag's Favorite Blogs 2009
    • 600+ Diggs and 50+ bookmarks on Delicious.
  • 25 Blogs To Help You Stay Current With Social Media (Freelance Folder)
    • 100+ Diggs, 700+ re-tweets and ~300 bookmarks on Delicious.
  • NASA Astronaut Blogging from Space (Advertising Age)
    • An odd blog post on this list tells a story about NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, who started blogging about her experiences preparing for her first space flight and her life on the International Space Station. The story has been dugg well over 200 times.

Make Money Blogging

Climb any mountain

Blogging Tools and Resources

Blog Improvement

I bought the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook when it was published and I think it is the best investment I have made as a blogger. For $19.95 (the price at the time) it has improved my blogging and blogs more than any other book I've read about blogging. With that, I am proud to recommend it to you (and use my affiliate link).
31 Days to Build a Better Blog

Blog Writing and Content Creation

Blog Design, Themes and Templates

Looking at the list, the blog posts that received most Diggs and got bookmarked in Delicious were mostly blog design, WordPress or in general, "resource-oriented". Because of using these social networks as criteria for popularity, this list is also full of, well, list posts. For true "popularity" we'd need to see traffic stats and do in-depth comparison.

This list is not comprehensive and scientifically gathered, so yes, there are probably blog posts that could be considered more popular than these. If you feel like the best, most popular post is not in the list, the comments are open!

What blog post has made the biggest impact on your blogging this year?

Now that you've seen the 42 popular blog posts about blogging 2009, it's now your turn: I'm sure you have read blog posts that have tremendously improved your blogging skills and your blog that are not included in this list.

Why don't you share that best post with the rest of us? So please, take a look at your bookmarks, notes and share the post that made the biggest impact on your blogging this year... and leave a comment to this post!

This post is a part of Group Writing Project: 2009 in Review at DailyBlogTips.com.

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