4 Things to Do Before You Start a Blog

Summary: Do these 4 things before you start a blog: Choose an awesome design, start developing relationships with bloggers, plan your topics and remember your goals.

This is a guest post by Nicholas Cardot.

4 Things To Do Before You Start a Blog

So you want to start a blog? That's great. You should. They're fun. They're rewarding. They can be profitable and they're a great way to express your passions to the world. So there you go. You're off to start a blog.

Not so fast. Before you jump in and start publishing article after amazing article on a brand new blog, let me give you some sagely advice to help you really get started on the right foot. If you want more than just your mom to read your articles then you want to take these tips and put them into practice before you start your blog.

1. Choose an awesome design.

People underestimate the power of their blog's design. Site's that are unattractive repel people so incredibly fast regardless if the content is the best in the world. You've got to make it easy on the eyes and enjoyable to navigate. Have a theme or a template picked out before you launch. You don't want to have to switch it around after your readers start coming. Do it before.

2. Start developing relationships with other bloggers.

It's never too early to start developing relationships with fellow bloggers. And believe me, you can't put a price on these types of relationships. You're going to need encouragement, link exchanges and a lot more. Start by commenting on other blogs. Then email some blog authors just to let them know that you appreciate their writings. Build those relationships. They will help to take you to the top.

3. Plan your article topics ahead.

Start making lists of article ideas as early as possible. The larger the list, the better. There will come a time when you won't be able to come up with a topic on the spur of the moment. If you have 15 ideas tucked away for a rainy day then that lack of inspiration won't hold you up more than the few seconds it takes to reach across the desk and retrieve your list.

4. Always remember your goals.

A lot of bloggers start out to help others or express themselves and then they get caught up trying to make money or some other thing. The results are usually that they don't make any money and they completely forget about their original goals. Why do you want to blog? Think about that and then stay with it.

These four tips have helped me to power my website, Site Sketch 101 to where it is today. I've seen amazing growth as a result. You will also.

This is a guest post from Nicholas Cardot. Nick uses his blog Site Sketch 101 to express his passion for helping people learn how to blog with awesome content, brilliant designs and commanding influence.

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