Why Blog Commenting Is So Important?

What's the greatest thing about blogs? I'd have to say blog comments. Leaving comments on other people's blogs is what makes blogging so special. It's a great way to get to know other bloggers, readers and best of all, it's fun!

If you're a blogger, you should be leaving comments on other blogs, for all the benefits you get from it. And even if you don't have your own blog, blog commenting is a great way to get more information on the subject you're interested and reading about.

By leaving blog comments, you have a chance to

  • say what you think about the subject of the post
  • get into discussion with the other readers AND the author
  • give and receive additional information on the topic

Think if you could have a conversation with the author of the book you are just reading when a question pops up your mind when reading. Well, if you're reading a blog, you can just ask that question and get it answered! Maybe you disagree with the author? Or have a different point of view on the subject. Perfect! Just remember that disagreeing or debating doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.

In addition to being a way for the author and readers to interact, if you're smart, blog commenting is also a great addition in your arsenal of (blog) marketing tools...

The 3 Long-Term Benefits of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a great way to begin increasing blog traffic as you can achieve many other, important goals while at it.

Because of this, blog commenting is an essential activity for any blogger, not only as blog promotion tactic, but as a tool to start building your personal brand as well.

By leaving comments to other blogs, you will

  1. make yourself known among other bloggers and blog readers
  2. get links to your blog
  3. drive traffic to your blog

1 Make Other Bloggers and Blog Readers Aware of You

Primary purpose of blog commenting is to make others aware of you and get to know other bloggers and blog readers.

  • Find and identify the most popular blogs and websites in your topic area
  • Look at your reading list (RSS) and start leaving comments on the blogs you like the most
  • Choose 3-5 blogs to concentrate on, some but not all should be "big blogs" in your niche
  • Start leaving regular comments on those blogs (and make it regular activity for yourself, a habit if you will)
  • Always leave comments on blogs outside your "focus area" too, but at minimum, do the above

This is priceless and blog commenting is the easiest way to do it. Perhaps you want to make a guest post to a big blog one day. How do you even get in contact if that blogger doesn't know who you are? Do you think you'd have a better chance getting your guest post published if you're leaving regular, value-adding comments to that blog?

Sounds simple, right? All you have to do is to leave a comment to a blog which is run by a blogger you possibly want to have collaboration in the future. Most bloggers read each and every comment on their blog, and if your comments are interesting, show who you are and add great content to the blog, there's a great chance that you'll get noticed by that blogger. And it's also likely you'll be recognized when you do make contact.

And in addition to that blogger seeing you, your comments will be exposed to all the readers of that blog, long after you've actually left that comment.

2 Get Links To Your Blog

This is secondary purpose of leaving blog comments, so it's more of a bonus to the first purpose, getting familiar with other bloggers and blog readers.

Most blogs use no-follow links on their comments, which means blog commenting is not an effective link building method, but we're not doing blog commenting for that reason, so it doesn't matter. And with that said, these things still add up. It is still a link and that link leads to your site.

One (no-follow) link might not do much for the search engine optimization, but if you leave 5 comments a week, which is not that much, in two years you have 500 links incoming to your site. Leave 3 blog comments a day and you'll have about thousand links incoming in a year. Follow or not, others can see what your site is and possibly even click through.

There are blogs that specifically use "do-follow" links on their blog, but often these blogs are not in the "high-end" of their industry or niche, as combined with high-traffic, do-follow links on comments equals too much spam to handle. If a blog is using CommentLuv, you'll also get a link to your latest blog post, using the title of that post. More importantly than just the link, this titled link has a great potential to drive traffic to your blog, but more about in the next section.

3 Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Somewhere between getting a link to your blog and making yourself known among the blogosphere is the potential traffic to your blog from your comments.

And again,these things add up. By leaving regular, great comments on other blogs, over time you have build tons of small streams driving highly-targeted traffic to your blog.

Think about it.

You are most likely leaving comments on blogs that are in the same niche or topic-area of your own blog, or on blogs that cover a topic you are very much interested in.

So who is most likely to click through and come to check out your site?

It's most likely gonna be either, (a) the blogger of that blog or (b) a fellow reader who is interested in the same things as you are, right? Both perfect visitors for your blog, I'd say :)

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to get people who are interested in the same things you are visit your blog?

    You might not get a lot of traffic this way, but think of the traffic as a bonus, as each visitor is "extra" for you. And those extras add up. If you have great content on your blog, there's a great chance to get a new reader to your blog that way.

    Do note that, the quality of your comments has a HUGE impact on whether or not you get traffic or not. By leaving a great comment, readers might be interested to find out what else you have to say and visit your blog. Also, always utilize CommentLuv on the blog, if the blog is using that, as you'll get a link to your latest post with the title of that post, which is perfect for getting attention to your latest post from other blogs.

    Blog Commenting Is What Makes Blogs So Special

    I love blog commenting. It's what makes blogging and blogosphere what it is. In fact, I believe that a website can't even be called blog if the comments are disabled or not there at all.

    I've used blog commenting successfully to get traffic to my blog, I've built some back links with it, I've enjoyed great discussions and exchanged ideas with other bloggers and readers, and I even increased my blog PageRank partly because of blog commenting.

    Not bad for something so much fun, eh?

    Yeah, blogging is about collaboration, sharing experiences and knowledge through blog posts and comments.

    It's a beautiful thing really.

    Oh, and speaking of blog comments, why don't you leave one here right now!

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