What Happens When a 6’5″ IT Geek Asks a 6’8″ Librarian For a Guest Post

If you've wondered who is this Zemalf fellow is who writes on this blog, this post might give you some answers.

Well firstly, as you might have picked up somehow, from the about-page or from the footer, or my Twitter profile, the real name is Antti. A guy from Finland.

Is It Windy Up There?

It probably doesn't show on that tiny picture on the header that I'm HUGE. Well not huge, but approximately 6'5" (194-195 cm) anyway. And it's always been like that since elementary school. I was longer than our teacher when I was 10 and crossed the 190 cm mark when I was 12.

Being so tall has caused me quite a bit of headaches. I mean literally, you wouldn't believe how many times I've banged my head on door frames. Car roofs are way too low and finding a size 13-14 shoes is not easy.

Everyone figured I must be playing basketball, but I didn't -- I preferred Finnish Baseball instead. I was into sports when I was little but I wasn't very good at it, apart from using the brute force in Shot Put and Hammer. I've always enjoyed watching sports thou. That's almost like doing sport yourself, right?

Zemalf the Geek

Luckily, I haven't damaged my head too bad. Or at least I like to think that way. So I know stuff and I like to know stuff. I've always like to learn things, especially if it has something to do with computers. Starting out with Commodore 64 back in the 80's and rarely there has been a week that I've not played around with one computer or another.

Naturally, over the years I ended up studying computer science, getting my Master's and going to work in the IT / telecommunications industry. 7-8 hours a day on a computer at work and several hours more when I get home.

And when I'm not on a computer, I'm playing XBox, PS or watching movies.

Exercise? Yeah, I should.

So I'm an uncool geek.

Yeah, like it wasn't obvious enough when I wrote the Jedi Master Guide to Blogging partly in Yodish :)

I never got around learning Klingon or any kind of Elvish thou (Yeah, I love Star Trek and Lord of the Rings too).

I've wondered if the day will come when I get totally bored with anything technical, but no, I just get more excited about all the cool stuff around.

Too Much Gaming?

I used Google before it was even Google, I was playing MUDs (BatMUD) before there wasn't even a word for "online gaming". Over the years, I've played EVE Online and World of Warcraft. Or played before blogging took over. Damn, I gotta get back on those one day again. At least WoW.

I think I have 7 gaming consoles at the moment, 1-2 of which I actively use, XBox 360 the most.

Hmm, I haven't been playing too much lately. Apart from Guitar Hero. That game is so great. And they have that GH5 out now... I'm tempted.

Anyway, this was my version of a common blogging topic of "things you didn't know about me", I hope you enjoyed it.

I'd love to hear about you, so leave a comment, say hi and subscribe to my RSS feed while you're here.

p.s. Speaking of the title of this post -- Thanks Josh for the tips on getting over the writer's block!

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