Moved my gaming related posts back to blogspot

When I started with domain, I imported my old blogspot blogs to this domain. And now I'm importing them all back, or actually not importing at all, just removing the posts from hat search engine indexes on this blog and re-opened the old blogs at blogspot...

Back in May, I didn't have a clear idea how this blog would turn out, but now it's pretty clear to me that will not be about gaming, games, World of Warcraft or EVE Online - all gaming activities that I still do every now and then, but the blog posts are better off in the blogspot.

I get quite a bit of random traffic to those posts that have nothing do with what I'm doing in this blog.

This is putting unnecessary load on this blog, and those posts occupy the "most read" lists (which make no sense to most of those who come and check my blogging/WordPress/Internet business articles) and make it hard for me to see how the posts written just for this blog are doing. And anyone coming into those posts won't find too much related content, apart from the same "Gaming" category, which I'm now moving away from

So now, the Good'ol Zemalf's Haven, my very first and original blog at, is now re-opened: all the old WoW and EVE Online posts are there. I won't be writing much, if anything to that blog, and it'll take some time for search engines to find the content again.

For a while the same content is also available on this domain, and I won't get into redirecting that traffic to the blogspot blog. I just added some parameters to my blog and configuration files that will remove those posts from the search engines over time and eventually I will delete the categories that I imported to this domain and blog back in May...

The plan and focus for has formed over the last few months and the decision to move the unrelated content away will make the blog even better...

Lesson from all this:

  • It's better to keep a blog relatively focused on one or closely related topics
  • Don't go importing your old blogs to your new blog(s) if that blog is not about the same topic
  • Don't start a new blog just for the sake of starting a new blog: It's better to start with a plan and clear direction for the new blog
  • When starting a new blog, form a clear plan what that blog is about and go with it
  • If needed, be ready to make decisions early that will affect how your blog turns out over time (like me moving the unrelated content back to the old blog)
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