How to Increase Blog Traffic

Great content alone can attract loads of blog traffic for you, but with the content in place and coming regularly, you can start looking for way to promote your blog. Increasing Blog traffic is about creating new possibilities for your blog to be found and making it easy for people interested in your blog topic.

To increase blog traffic, you have to make your blog visible where your potential readers are, so take yourself and your blog where the people are. There are many proven techniques to promote your blog, here are some of the most powerful blog promotion tactics..

Blog Traffic Tips 101

Increasing blog traffic is no rocket science. And there is no one way to get "easy blog traffic" - instead the secret for massive traffic starts with great content and continues with utilization of many different blog traffic increasing techniques. Yes, you can get huge traffic spike from one source, but the long-term success in terms of regular traffic to your blog comes from combining effect of all the methods you are using.

But don't go all out on traffic building, as this can be overwhelming, start with couple of methods, see what works and build on your success. And remember that the content on your blog has to be in place and regularly updated for any of these methods to work..

Let Others Know About Your Content

In addition to promoting your content through Social Network Sites, these are done for you automatically (pings) or do them once (or get someone to do them for you, or use a paid service to do the submissions). As one-shot / automatic activities, get these in order over time, as one more way to increase blog traffic (and get back links while at it).

Create Content Outside Your Blog

  • Write press releases and publish them via press release networks and services
  • Write articles and publish them at EzineArticles and other article submission services
  • Start your own, live webradio-show at BlogTalkRadio or similar free service
  • Create a podcast and publish it through iTunes or other services
  • Start marketing with video
  • Create videos and publish them at Youtube
  • Broadcast live video at
  • Keep teleconferences or webinars
  • Create Squidoo lenses
  • Write eHow articles
  • Answer people's questions in Yahoo Answers and similar services
  • Create a presentation and distribute it with SlideShare.

Always link the content outside your blog to your blog. Some of these methods can be monetized and will earn you money even without a blog, but in terms of blog traffic, you gotta link back to your blog (might sound obvious, but surprisingly many forget this).

Whatever method and service you choose to drive traffic to a blog, always fill in your profile in that service, get your signatures in order and link back to the relevant content on your blog. Think of the profiles and signatures in these services as sales letters, and write them accordingly.

Get Involved in the Community

  • Be an active member in the social networks
  • Get yourself known on the blogosphere of your niche
    • Find and identify the most popular blogs and websites in your topic area
    • Leave regular blog comments to get yourself out there and known among the other bloggers
    • Contact fellow bloggers and form relationships with them
  • Do guest blogging
    • Write a great post to a popular blog in your niche
    • look for the guidelines on the other blogs and
    • check the previous guest posts to see how it's done and to get ideas what you could write about.
    • Prepare your own blog to receive the (hopefully) incoming traffic
    • write the best you can and publish them right before and after the guest post is published on the other blog.
    • Write a follow-up or complementary article on the guest post in your own blog after the guest post is published.
  • Join the biggest forums on your niche and become a regular
    • Prefer forums that allow having links to your own blogs and websites in the signature
    • to find forums for your niche do a Google search like this:
      • "my important keywords" +forum
    • Update your profile on the forum
    • Add Avatar and Profile picture
    • Create a signature with a link to your blog(s)
      • ..if it is allowed on the forum
    • Write/Answer to topics that interest you
    • Try to post something on the forums every week, daily if you can

Increasing Blog Traffic: Putting It All Together

  1. Content
  2. Marketing
  3. Traffic that order. If you do even some of the activities on this list *and* the blog has great content in it, the traffic will come. Don't expect any of the methods to work overnight, as these things can take time, and don't burn yourself by doing everything or doing too much, start small and see what works for you and keep doing what works.

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